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Heatsail Dome

Heatsail Dome


180 cm

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More about the Heatsail Dome

combine the pleasenth warmth of a terrace heater with the beautiful lighting of a design outdoor lamp and you have the Heatsail Dome! This beautiful Dome is the terrace innovation of the moment. perfect to place on your terrace or veranda.

Dome is an outdoor Design lamp with a heating component for your garden or terrace. With the push of a button the Dome spreads a pleasant light and/or a wonderful warmth thanks to the invisible infrared rays. This can be compared with the sparkling feeling of sunlight on your skin. The Dome is available in the colours black and white. Available as standing lamp or as suspended fixture. The dome is also available with a build-in Bluetooth speaker.

A 100% Belgium product with timeless design and practically maintenance free.

Dome standing lamp

A timeless Lamp with heating for your garden or terrace.

Available in 2 heights, 180cm free passage height for dining table or lounge, 195cm free passage height for a party table.

Dome suspended lamp

give your ceiling just that little bit extra. With the Dome suspended lamp you will create an atmospheric space, in which you can enjoy your evenings even longer because of the pleasant warmth.

The Dome HT will create up to 25% more heat with a similar energy consumption.

Dome trendy white

White is pure timeless and elegant. It suits almost every interior style, from stylish classical till modern.

The Dome uses 5x less energy compared to conventional terrace heaters on gas.

Consumption 3,22 kw/h
infrared heat 3100 watt
lighting 120 watt

UK version
Consumption 2,97 kw/h
infrared heat 2850 watt
lighting 120 watt

glow range of 5 meters

diameter shade 100cm
height shade 50cm
base 43x43x32cm


Consumption Dome terrace heater

How much does this terrace heater cost per hour?
The Dome is an electric terrace heater, and a normal standing lamp.
Of course the electricity prices differ per country and per consumer, but in general you can assume:

0,015 € per hour for the lamp
0,45 € per hour for the heating

The lamp and the heating can be switched separately.

Far Infrared or Far Infrared rays are responsible for the heat produced by the Dome.




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