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Low dining outdoor furniture

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Royal Design carries a characteristic and innovative teak garden furniture collection. We pride ourselves on our trendy and innovative product range. We like to draw inspiration for our collections from other countries and cultures. Consequently, Royal Design was one of the first to adopt the latest low dining trend. This influence blew over from Asia. Low dining offers the best of both worlds, dining and lounging.

Luxury low dining sets

Discover the latest garden furniture trend, low dining! A low dining set consists of a low dining table with low dining chairs and/or a low dining bench. So, let your creativity run wild! The low dining set outdoor is available in three contemporary designs: FAY, ALFA, and TEUN. For each, you can pick the colour and fabric of the cushions. Thus, our luxury low dining sets always feel tailor-made for your terrace.

FAY low dining set

Characteristic of the FAY low dining set is its clean and sleek lines in its design. Moreover, the low dining table features a distinctive square table frame. Made out of sturdy and robust teak. Furthermore, it comes with six FAY low dining chairs. So, this garden furniture set comfortably fits six!

TEUN low dining set

The latest addition to our low dining edition is the powerful teak low dining set TEUN. Here you can choose between a 260 cm and 320 cm low dining table. So, it fits between 6 and 8 with ease! Are you hosting a large dinner party? It is easily expandable by placing two additional chairs at the head of the table! Are you looking for a clean and spacious contrast? Opt for a modern garden bench TEUN! Additionally, depending on the size of the outdoor bench it fits between 4 to 5.

ALFA low dining set

The name ALFA is only fitting for this low dining set! Since the ALFA is truly the exterior eye-catcher of the low dining collection. There is always an ALFA low dining outdoor set that perfectly fits your outdoor living situation. The ALFA low dining table is exclusively available in three dimensions, 180 cm, 270 cm, and a square 225×225 cm. So, the possibilities are endless! Mix and match the robust ALFA low dining chairs with an ALFA low dining garden bench to create a playful effect. The ALFA low dining garden bench is available with or without a backrest. So, make a powerful statement in your garden with the ALFA low dining set!

Sustainable teak material

At Royal Design, 100% recycled teak wood forms the basis of the exclusive low dining outdoor furniture collection. Recycled teak has been gaining popularity due to a worldwide teak wood shortage. Moreover, the tropical rainforests of Indonesia have experienced decades-long deforestation. As a result, large parts of the rainforest have disappeared. Hence, recycled teak is an extraordinarily sustainable solution since every piece of teak has gotten a new lease of life!


Can you leave teak low dining garden furniture outside all year?

Teak outdoor furniture can stay outside year-round. Given that it is maintained with a teak cleaner and protector once or twice a year. Consequently, this helps protect your teak furniture against weather conditions. Moreover, it increases the overall durability of your teak low dining furniture. However, we recommend storing your teak garden furniture in a dry, confined space during the winter. Alternatively, use an all-weather outdoor cover for your low dining set.

How can you best maintain teak outdoor furniture?

Teak wooden garden furniture can be best maintained with a teak cleaner and teak protector. Teak does not require much maintenance due to the high levels of oil in the wood. Though, we advise cleaning and treating it once or twice a year.

How can you best clean teak garden furniture?

There are various methods to clean your teak garden furniture. The old-school method uses a solution of lukewarm water with baking soda and soft soap. An excellent alternative method is using the 100% biodegradable teak cleaner. The teak cleaner deeply cleans the fibre of the teak wood to remove all dirt, stains, and mould. Moreover, it opens the pores of the teak wood for proper post-treatment with a teak protector or teak shield.


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