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Meet the collection of parasols from Royal Design. Above all, we want to do things really well. That’s why we always opt for quality, but don’t lose sight of the aesthetics. The parasol should not only be good, but also beautiful. After all, it’s the eye-catcher in your backyard. That’s why we’ve chosen the parasols of the brand Borek. Borek has an extensive collection of parasols of elegant and contemporary class.

There are several options if you’re looking for a parasol. There are many different types and sizes of parasols, but they can be divided into at least two categories. We have namely the floating parasol and the classic stick parasol. The pole parasol has its pole in the middle of the parasol cloth and the floating parasol or free-hanging parasol has its pole at the side. Which parasol is best for you, depends on your situation.

Pole parasol

The best known and oldest model is the pole parasol. With its pole in the middle, this parasol offers stability. If your parasol will be placed on a terrace where it will catch a lot of wind, it might be wiser to choose a pole parasol. As for the pole, you’ll have the choice between a wooden, metal or aluminum pole. Royal Design offers tiltable and non-tiltable stick parasols. You can choose from rectangular, round or square cloths.

Hanging parasol

The advantage of a hanging parasol is that it can be positioned further away from your garden and that the pole is not in the way. This parasol is also easy to rotate and tilt, allowing you to move the parasol cloth with the sun without having to move the pole. This way you will always have a spot in the shade.

The hanging or floating parasols of Royal Design are very exclusive and are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. The masts of the floating parasols are made of aluminum, teak or a combination of both. One of the newest and qualitatively strong floating parasols are those of Borek. We like to work with this brand. They keep innovating and have an extensive collection of luxury parasols.

To keep the cloth of the parasol in optimal condition, we recommend you to purchase a protective cover for the parasol. Just like the parasols these are user-friendly. Moreover, they ensure that your parasol stays beautiful and if you don’t have storage space inside, they can stay outside all winter.

Of course we have a matching base for each parasol in our collection. We’ll gladly advise you in making the right choices. Check out our collection of luxury parasols in our showroom.

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